Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starter Kit now available!

People have asked us for some time to try and bring the cost of our kit down. Unfortunately, the bulk of the cost is in the printing of the book, images, and of course the materials.

To respond to this, we now have a 'Starter Kit' ($199.95) available for those who want to use the program but have access (and the desire) to cut their own cards. It will mean that you'll have to find your own card stock, cut your cards, organize them, and find a place to store them. However, it does bring the cost of the using the program down.

What I fear happening though is that people will purchase this new Starter Kit, save money, and then a delay will happen because they haven't found the right card stock, or haven't had the time to cut the cards. Either that or they will try and make the flash cards smaller to try and cut costs. Remember that the size of these cards is important - they need to be large! Ours are 4" x 20". Remember that any time there is a large delay in executing a plan of any kind, the less likeliness there is for success. It's kind of like a diet - "I'll look at it tomorrow". So IF you plan to use the Starter Kit, please promise yourself that you will get started cutting your flash cards and preparing your program right away!

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