Friday, April 22, 2011


As mentioned in a previous blog, many articles have been written about how beneficial iPads and iPods can be for children - particularly children with special needs. Using an iPad (or something similar) is a stress-free, fun way for a child to learn - and all children tend to be quite intuitive with them - sometimes even more so than their parents! These amazing little gadgets are cheaper than a computer, portable, and most apps can be purchased on iTunes for under $10.

As you may know, eReadingPro is a 'system' for teaching reading that is extremely helpful in teaching children with Down syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia and all other visual learners. In keeping with the trend towards technology, we have created an iPad/iPhone/iPod program called eReadingToGo!

eReadingToGo! follows a similar system as eReadingPro, in that it takes a child from reading single words, then into couplets, phrases and sentences. To my knowledge, it is (as well as our full reading program) is the ONLY app that uses such a system to help a child progress from just learning single words. After all - it is important for children to learn how to use words - not just the words themselves. One of the popular comments I often hear from parents is "my child has a vocabulary of about 75 words, but they just can't seem to use them in a phrase or sentence - they just have single-word utterances". Our system helps a child to overcome that, as it teaches them how words are put with other words in a meaningful way.

eReadingToGo! offers a free sentence so that you can get an idea of how our app works. Then, within the 'free' app, you will see the book options. You can purchase one complete book for $1.99, which contains 5 sentences and 5 matching images. Or, the best deal is to purchase all 5 books for only $7.99. That means 25 sentences with 25 matching images that are clear, colorful and engaging. These books will provide hours of fun and learning for your child.

If you're like me, you don't want your child playing just mindless games on their gadgets all the time. As one of our customers has already said: "With three young children it's always hard to maintain interest while at the same time educate. This app is fun, engaging, and develops reading skills in natural and intuitive way. I would definitely recommend it!".

The app is ideal for those parents who have already been using eReadingPro to teach their child to read, as it has a whole new set of vocabulary. Keep in mind also, that eReadingPro was originally designed for children with Down syndrome - so it is an excellent tool for individuals with special needs. That being said though, this app was intended for use by ALL children learning to read.

If you would like to read more about eReadingToGo!, please visit the website at

CLICK HERE to download eReadingToGo! from iTunes and try it with your child!

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