Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The eReadingToGo! app OR the eReadingPro CD?

This is just a short post to clarify a question that has come in a few times since we released our new iPhone/iPad app eReadingToGo!

Parents are wondering which one they should 'start' using with their child first: the eReadingPro 14-month program OR the eReadingToGo! app. The answer is this:

The eReadingPro CD contains our full 14-month program. This program includes 128 single words that progresses the child from single words to couplets, phrases and finally sentences. The flashcards are meant to be printed off (or shown on the computer if you really want to) and shown to your child three times a day. There is a schedule that is included that shows the parent/educator exactly which cards to show when, every day during that 14-month period. It is very systematic and repetitive, guaranteeing success.

The eReadingToGo! iPhone/iPad app is meant to be used as an 'educational tool'. Kids love using iPhones and iPads as they are new and exciting technology. They are incredibly intuitive with them and love to press buttons, try things and look at what the colorful screen has to offer. There is typically no schedule attached to using an iPad. Kids often use them while they're in a vehicle to keep themselves occupied, or on their beds relaxing. When we created eReadingToGo!, we intended it to be something that would be fun, engaging and interactive, hoping it would be one that a child would pick up and go to as a 'fun' choice. The app guides the child through the sentence-building process, one word at a time, then joining them to the other words within the sentence that they have learned. They go through the 'books' one sentence at a time until they complete each book. They can say the words aloud, play interactive games and enjoy the process of learning at their own pace and interest level.

In conclusion, the app is not meant to replace the full program, but rather to assist with it. It can also be used as an add-on after the child has completed the full 14-month program as a way to introduce new vocabulary.

We thoroughly hope that your child enjoys using our app and that you also enjoy using the eReadingPro 14-month program with your child!

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