Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Word Rings

I just had a question from a parent about how to help their typical child with reading, in a way that will help build his vocabulary AND help with spelling.

A method I used with my own daughter when she was in Grade 1, was to create a word ring. Using poster board, cut cards approximately 2" x 6". Then punch a hole at one end of each, write a word on each card using a chisel-tip marker and ring them together with a metal ring.

Start with about 10 words that they are struggling with, or simply words that represent things they are familiar with. This could be things around the house, school things - anything really. Go through the group of words EVERY evening before bed. Once they have clearly mastered a word (say it aloud with no hesitation), remove it from the ring and replace it with a new word. You can have up to 15 words if you like - just don't have so many that it overwhelms them each time.

This simple idea will help to increase your child's vocabulary, and they will learn the spelling of the word as they learn the word.

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