Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope that everyone is able to gather with family and take a few moments to realize how fortunate we all are!

I have been busy presenting eReadingPro workshops and planning even more workshops (Bermuda is in the works)! Last weekend I was in Jefferson City, Missouri and had a fabulous workshop. We had the highest percentage of educators out and it was a wonderful thing! I even got to visit with my friend Amy Allison in Kansas City, and join her for a fundraiser trivia night for the Down Syndrome Guild. (Good thing she didn't know how pathetic my trivia knowledge was before she put me on her team, lol!) Next weekend I will be presenting in Plattsburgh, NY. This is one of the few workshops that I will be able to drive to rather than fly, and I will be looking forward to visiting my long-time friend in Montreal on my way home!

The best part of all the travel is that more and more children will be learning to read! I recently received the following testimonial after presenting a workshop in Lansing, MI last month...

"We just got back from Orlando vacation. Cameron is loving playing the “Word game”. He knows at least 5 words when he sees them. (he has been at this for 3 weeks at the most) Cameron, age 4 and 3 months
(we are not quizzing you reminded us NOT to do :) He just says the words before we do when we flash the cards. EXCITING

I know he learns visually...his first word was “Disney”. He saw it printed at my optometry office on the frame board and he pointed and said “Disney” plain as day...I was speechless, amazed...jumping for joy.

Thanks for your help in getting the reading going in our house. You have provided amazing, understandable tools to do this. My husband is excited as well...he is one of the analytical types but sees the amazing progress just after 2 weeks!"

Have a blessed Easter my friends!

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