Monday, April 13, 2009

Tips for Using Flashcards

When using flashcards, there are some important points to keep in mind:
  1. Present the cards ONE SECOND per word. Any longer is simply too long, as the brain only needs that long to take a 'snap-shot' of the word.
  2. DO NOT ask the child to repeat the words back to you as you present them. It is about giving information, not asking for it back. Remember that input and output are two very different things. Just because they may not say it back to you doesn't mean they are taking the information in and processing it.
  3. Only present 5 or 6 cards per session. Any more may be too much at a time.
  4. Shuffle the cards after each presentation. Otherwise, your child may begin memorizing the order of the cards rather than learn to read them.
  5. Try and keep the cards still when presenting. (Don't move them up and down, etc.)
  6. Avoid obvious distractions during your presentation. (television, etc.)
  7. Present the words in a 'sing-song' voice to encourage enthusiasm!

Remember, if your child is learning sign-language, they are also old enough to learn to read. The written word is a visual representation of a word just as much as a sign is and they can learn to read just as easily as they can learn to sign!

eReadingPro workshops are being presented around the world. Parents and educators learn how to prepare flashcards, how to use them, and above all, how to teach their children to read. Visit our Workshops page to see if there is a workshop coming to your area. If not - contact us to arrange for one!

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Tausha said...

Hey, who is that cute kid? Where did you find him? haha Just kidding, thank you for your sweet comment on our blog. I just started the reading program with Sam, we are on day 3. I think he really likes it, he totally stares at them. Thanks for the knowledge you have given us!!!