Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is eReadingPro Research-Based?

I often get asked whether eReadingPro is a 'research-based' program. The simple answer is that the research has all been done by people like Sue Buckley, Patricia Olwein, Glen Doman, etc., we’ve just simply provided the tools based on the existing research.

You know I have to tell you I was at the gym today, and picked up this magazine to read. I opened it to a page that was titled “The man who made the whole town lose weight!” It went on to talk about a man who was a health food store owner. He was recommending mulberry tablets to a customers for various reasons, and began to notice they would lose weight. So he went back and did a bunch of reading about the effects of mulberry on fat burning, etc. He then made the realization that if people took two mulberry tablets before each meal they would lose weight. He ended up having about 1500 customers lose weight using this regime!

My point is this: the man was not a doctor; he didn’t do the clinical testing; he didn’t do the research. He simply took the research that had already been done, and instructed his customers on what the best way to benefit from the research already existed!

With my program, the research has already been done. I’ve simply taken that research and provided parents and educators with a systematic product that makes use of that research.

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