Monday, September 1, 2008

Downi Creations

My 12 year old daughter Melissa was reading my MacLean's magazine today - the one I just wasn't finding the time to finish. (I'm always bringing home t-shirts from various Down syndrome organizations that she wears everywhere with great pride. She loves to be an advocate for kids with different needs - just like her mom!) So when she came upon an article about Down syndrome, she marched into my office to show me and said "look Mom, they have dolls with Down syndrome!"

After reading the article (from the August 18th, 2008 Volume 121, Number 32 edition of MacLeans, Page 61), I had to sit back and realize what a difficult world it is that we live in. While the idea of creating a doll that has "the 13 distinct features" typically associated with individuals with Down syndrome was probably done with only the best of intent, there are actually people that are offended by this gesture! The article states that the dolls have "provoked a wide range of opinions" - some feel it is "patronizing and sick", while others (like me) feel it is "incredibly sweet". Personally, I recognize that someone has put a great deal of thought into something that was probably inspired by their own child, and intended to enhance their life. How can that possibly be a negative thing?

You can check the dolls out at Downi Creations and decide for yourself.

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