Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is why I do what I do!

I received the following email and photo from a Mom who was so excited about her purchase of eBook1 and eReadingPro:

"I sped-read through each topic in the index (of the eBook) and wish I had known about this for Joey years ago. I found out about it when I went to a playdate with a child who has Down's Syndrome and will be in Joey's K class. Her mom has been using Out of the Box (eReadingPro) since she was 6 mos. old. Her typical 21mos. old son was reading when his big sis was playing the word game. I was floored!" ~Audrey, MA~

Receiving emails and photos like this, and knowing how much eReadingPro can help children like Joey is why I do what I do! If you and your child are using eReadingPro or Out of the Box Reading and wish to share your success, please feel free to send me comments and photos as I would love to share them with our readers!

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