Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Autism on the Rise

One of my favourite blogs to read is one by Dr. Michael Merzenich called "On the Brain". Dr. Merzinich is a professor at the University of California in San Francisco and is a leading pioneer in brain plasticity research. When I read about him in a book by Dr. Norman Doidge called "The Brain That Changes Itself" I emailed him to tell him about our program. He promptly emailed me back and urged me to continue creating new programs and challenging my brain, lol. I was extremely impressed that he took the time out of his obviously busy schedule to reply to my email.

Dr. Merzinich's blog address all sorts of things to do with the Brain. One that I read recently called "Autism on the Rise; additional factors?" addressed the concerns that we are all facing with autism on the rise, and no near-term solutions to be found. You can read it here at On the Brain. Other recent posts include a discussion about drugs for children with bipolar disorder and the concerns about keeping troops on alert by use of various drugs. Interesting reading indeed!

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Ian smith said...

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