Monday, October 12, 2009

eReadingPro, Reading and Teens

Many times parents email me asking what reading programs eReading has for teenagers.

While we are currently working on a program specific to teenagers and their interests, I firmly believe that our existing program is perfectly appropriate for individuals of all ages who are not currently reading. My reasoning is that our main program consists of 128 words that all teens would be very familiar with. The way our program takes the individual through each word as a single word, then couplet, then phrase and finally sentences will help any teen in more areas than just reading. It will help with verbal articulation, reading fluency, reading comprehension, as well as assist with creating longer phrases and/or sentences when they speak. It truly is a building block process.

That being said, I am going to share a little story with you! A really great thing happened recently at an eReadingPro workshop in Rapid City, South Dakota. Rachel (the 15-year old girl in the above photo) and her mom were present during the workshop and Rachel was eager to participate. Rachel has always wanted to read but has never been able to. Her mom Rhonda was hopeful that the workshop would be of benefit to them, as she was told by someone that our program was only for young children. (She came to the worskhop hopeful, despite this untrue comment.)

Rachel joined in and wrote her own flashcard out along with the other participants. Then it came time in the workshop where the participants practice flashing the cards they've written within small groups of five people. After seeing the cards in her group shown only twice, Rachel wanted to have a turn at reading the cards by herself. Rachel proceded to read all five cards - without error! Her name was the only name that she would have ever seen written down before, and some of the people in her group were individuals she had just met. It was truly wonderful for the other workshop participants to see this, and it brought tears to her mother's eyes.

We will be following Rachel's progress as she uses eReadingPro, since her mother has agreed to document her progress along the way. Thank you Rhonda!

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